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Mithila has been reputed for its great and outstanding culture, civilization, tradition and heritage in the whole world since time immmemorial. The splendour of the ideal life of Mother Sita not only purified the soil of mithila but also spread brightness in the entire universe. On this very fertile land of Mithila, famous eye surgeon Dr. Ram Swarup Mahto (FRCS, Bath, England) was born at village Bataha, Rosera, Dist.-Samastipur whose untiring effort, long cherished desire and firm determination resulted in the form of this great institution.

S.D.S.V.M. Bataha is run and guided by RamKrishna Education Trust Bataha. Indian culture and modern science and technology are the life blood of the institution. The institution is located far from the madding crowd of cities in the natural environment of village Bataha, Rosera, Dist.- Samastipur. The nearest railway station Rosera is at the distance of 6 km in the north west of this village. Rosera is connected with bus and train service from the other cities of bihar.
The school is situated in a village. we live behind brick wall boundary. We don't know how people live outside the boundary wall. It is our business to know them at least on Saraswati Pooja-Day.

These poor villagers are part of Indian society and part of us. Whether there is heat, draught or flood we have secured income but they have no such security and comfort. Hence, we should remember them at least once a year. We know that we can not change their lives but we can make a few of them happy once a year. Therefore all the employees of the school from the principal to peon, all the students should buy so many sarees as possible to distribute among the poor and downtrodden.

Education doesn't mean just teaching english, maths etc. It also means educating people how to care for other poor people in our society, we live. When the boys and girls will see different type of Saraswati Pooja, we hope they will carry this message and do the same in their coming days of life.

- Late Dr.R.S.Mahto
FRCS (England)
Founder, SDSVM, Bataha.

"Character building along with imparting knowledge in disciplines" has been the motto of Sundari Devi Saraswati Vidya Mandir, Bataha. This is an English Medium school based on Indian culture. Apart from making our students a doctor, engineer, administrator, scientist, teacher and many more, we strive hard at our school to make them up a true human being. They should be a person of strict principle and must have compassion in their heart for poor and downtrodden.

Education is one of the most powerful celebrated drivers for reducing poverty, economic disparity, inequality and for laying the basis for unrelenting sustained economic growth. For individuals and for nation, education is key to create, disseminate and share knowledge. Thus education is one of the most significant component of Human Resources Development which can improve the national economy as well as the qualityof life of the common people. Keeping these objectives in mind S.D.S.V.M. Bataha was established by Late Dr, R.S.Mahto in his native village Bataha.

'Education is the manifestation of divine perfection already existing in man'-Swami Vivekanand.

Our motto is not only to make our students well-equiped to become good doctors, engineers, scientist, professors, administrators but also to nourish them to become better citizens as well as good human beings.

I as the principal take pride in the achievements made so far and I am sure that we are marching towards our good goal of achieving a role model in the education world. I take this opportunity to cordially welcome all the students who are studying and passing out from here and wish them a happy journey of learning.

-Ashok Kumar Singh
Principal, S.D.S.V.M. Bataha.
Board of Trustee
  • Dr. N. K. Singh (MBBS,MS,FICS) - Chief Trustee Cum Chairman
  • Dr. Ram Prkash Mahto (BAMS) - Secretary
  • Mrs. Binita Singh - Treasurer
  • Mr. Ram Bahadur Singh (Retd. Principal) - Trustee
  • Mr. Siya Sharan Mahto - Trustee
  • Mr. Mahendra Mahto (Advocate) - Trustee
  • Mr.Vinod Kumar - Trustee
Some of the main donors of the school :-
  • Mrs. Janet Mahto - U.K.
  • Mrs. Coby Goodman - U.K.
  • Mr Nick Mellersh - U.K.
  • Mrs. Jean Holden - U.K.
  • Mrs. Rosy Hall - U.K.
  • Mrs. Sophie Annett - U.K.
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